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My Retirement Toolbox

The Retirement Toolbox contains everything need to make the best possible decisions about pensions and retirement and provides access to help and advice.

If you have a personal or workplace pension I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get advice so if you register for The Retirement Toolbox (there is no charge or commitment) you can have a free ‘toe in the water’ advice session with me on zoom - More about free consultation.

If you are an adviser or are involved with workplace pensions, The Retirement Toolbox has lots of information and resources that will help you deliver better advice or service to your clients or members.


About me and My Retirement Toolbox


About me and My Retirement Toolbox

My Retirement Toolbox

The Retirement Toolbox is a safe and secure place where individuals, advisers and those with a workplace pension can:

  • Read and Learn about pension and retirement options
  • Watch and Listen to our videos and podcasts
  • Use the annuity and retirement calculators and charts
  • Ask questions and subscribe to our regular newsletters


The inspiration for My Retirement Toolbox comes from a famour quote attributed to Confucius:

  • Tell me something and I will forget it – Just lecturing you about your pensions is dull and boring
  • Show me something and I will remember it – You will respond better to pictures and graphics than plain words
  • Involve me with something and I will understand it – You should never make important decisions without understanding the key issues

This shows why it so important to make learning more interesting so you will get involved with your financial affairs and play your part in the decision / advice process.

My Retirement Toolbox gives you free access to all the guides, calculators, and information I have written and developed over the last 25 years. The aim is to share with you my unique insights into retirement income planning to make it easier for you to get make the most of your pension and retirement savings.

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